Keep The Cash Flow, Lose The Work!

Maybe you found the business is just "not for you" or you are too busy in another career.
Perhaps you moved out of the area, changed careers or retired.

Become a "Professional Real Estate Referral Consultant" and keep the income flowing. By turning your leads into referrals, your clients work with the best agents in the business and you get paid. Everyone wins!

Up To 90% Splits!

    Summary Of How It Works:

  • You agree to act as an Independent Contractor limiting your license activities to sending referrals through DCG.
  • You select your commission split as follows from 50% to 90%
  • You agree to abide by the DCG Policy & Procedures.
  • You keep your license active with New York State
  • All Commission splits are calculated after a $50 handling fee

Our Only Business Is Referrals!

Droz Consulting Group LLC, was created with the idea of providing inactive agents a way to profit by their time in the business. By becoming a"Professional Real Estate Referral Consultant" we provide a zero cost way to earn referral fees while offering the highest splits in the industry. We send our referrals to the best people in the business. Droz Consulting Group, LLC was founded by Thom Droz who grew his Nationally Franchisee Real Estate company into the dominate company in his market. Thom is well known for his use of technological advances and bringing them to effective use in the Real Estate industry.

We Have A Plan That Will Make You More Money With Less Work

New York's Real Estate Referral Company, Park you inactive license Email